The Cottage Inn


More than meets the eye

Grab a drink (preferably lots) and relax.

The pub has a selection of fine gins and whiskeys. With a broad choice of select excellent Real Ales. 

A family run pub. In the heart of Somerset.  A warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere. The regulars have excellent humour, good conversation (occasionally diverting. Depending on who, the day and time).

The Cottage Inn is an LGBQT+ Inclusive Pub. We welcome everyone equally. 

Dog Friendly - We even have the occasional cat! 

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Much More Than Your Local Pub

If you’re looking for a Pub that has the perfect atmosphere, there really is no reason to go too far. Located right in Wellington, The Cottage Inn will help you unwind after a hard day at work with your favourite pint or tipple.

So what are you waiting for? Get to know your local Pub today.

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Opening Hours

Happy Hour

Monday - Friday (Beer) 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Monday - Friday: 12pm -11pm 

Saturday: 12pm - 12am

Sunday:  12pm - 11pm



Requests Taken


'Out at the Cottage Inn'


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'Let's Get Quizzical'


Starts: Sunday 14th April 2019

To celebrate the quiz each month. 

There will be Happy Hour from 5:00pm - 7:00pm

The quiz will start at 6:30 and will be leisurely with lots of merriment and tomfoolery.

Winning term (4 Maximum) 

For the losing team -   A Wooden Spoon of SHAME.


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Something old, something paid for, something new.


Four new cocktails

Singapore Sling



Espresso Martini


Without cliche. These are 'Shaken and not stirred'

We can add another shot  and you can stir that in. If you so desire.

(Recommended for all, but the Singapore Slings. Bit over powering!)

These are 'No Frills' - It is Wellington not the Copacabana. 


Summer is coming

Time and Date - God's decision

When the sun is out. Join us in our beer garden and relax!

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The Cottage Inn need:

Female Team

Male Team

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Please bring your canine companion. 

Water and dog treats provided.

This an 'animal hub'. You know the temperament of your pet best. For the safety of all animals and customers. We do ask kindly for your discretion with this matter.

Any adorable photos will be welcomed. Your dogs do make this a wonderful place to be in. 

Thank you so much.

'The man that hath no music in himself. Nor is moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils.'

William Shakespeare - 'The Merchant of Venice'

At 'The Cottage Inn' we would not go as far to hold you to treason. Yet it would be a shame if you did not attend this local treasure.

We are very lucky indeed to be privileged on the first Wednesday of every month. To host a wonderful and talented set of musicians keeping traditional and folk music alive. It is a feast to the senses.

Buy a drink or two. Sit back and listen. It is something that should not be missed. 



at 'The Cottage Inn'

Alcohol with all certainty - if invented today would no doubt be a classified drug. Thankfully it is not!

It has without doubt been causing mayhem, mischief and merriment for millennia. Long may the merriment continue. Alcohol has played a crucial part in the game of Skittles. By 1875 the average consumption of spirits (as you will see listed on the rules - No. 3 - the payment of liquor ) was 5.9 litres or 1.30 gallons per head of population - man, woman and child.

When money was at hand, 'Checks' would be purchased and then exchanged at times when money was 'tight'. Surprisingly, or perhaps not! Somerset used the most 'Checks' outside of Birmingham. However, their real application was to buy drinks during pub games - especially Skittles. As rule No. 1 states ' dry money' or as explained in layman's terms in the 'Diary of Samuel Pepys' - 'Hard Cash' was not openly welcomed. Whether, it was paying players or placing bets. Players would create a 'Kitty' and share their 'Checks' whilst playing Skittles.

Skittles and drink have had a special relationship in 'The Cottage Inn' over the years and in many of the local establishments where Skittles still thrives to this day.

The Skittle Alley can be booked and used 'free of charge'. 

(We do ask kindly that you maintain the special relationship and purchase food and/or drinks in the bar or lounge)

As rule No.5 suggests. To find out more 'Ask the Landlord' in person, via the phone or email. 

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Should you be arriving by car, we offer a parking lot with parking for our customers and street parking.

31 Champford Lane Wellington United Kingdom TA21 8BH

01823 664650

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